Opportunity Listing Steps & Tips

Your Go-To Guide: Steps and tips for setting for listing your opportunity.


Note: We are in testing phase.

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Overview of steps:

Step 1:
Once you have registered, you will be directed to your organisation's dashboard. Here you can edit your company profile, track engagement with your opportunity and list an opportunity. 

Step 2:
To get started, click on 'Post an Opportunity' and select the product that most appeals to your needs. Payment occurs at the end of this process.

Step 3:
Fill out the form to create your listing (use the tips below to help).

Step 4:
Preview your listing and if you're happy with it, select 'Post'

Step 5:
You will be directed to the checkout where you can pay for your listing. If you have a coupon, this is where you can add it to receive your special offer (hurrah!)

Step 6:
Once you have placed your order and receipt of payment is confirmed, your listing will be submitted to Ripple for revision. We aim to do this as quickly as possible, and in less than two working days of your submission. Once approved, it will go live and you will receive notification from us. If we have any questions, we will contact you via the information provided on your company profile so please keep an eye out for this.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us here.


Tips for filling out the listing form:


Opportunity title:
Choose something short and precise, using key words


Please list the location of the role, not where your head office is (you can list this information on your company profile). If you select remote, please add details about where this might be e.g. 'Australia' or 'International' or 'NSW'. Otherwise, the listing might place you in Kansas...and we aren't in Kansas anymore...

Opportunity type:
Please select the opportunity type that your opportunity most aligns with. For example:

  • Part time job > select 'Job'
  • Fellowship > select 'Scholarship or Award'
  • Accelerator > select 'Event or Training'
  • Policy co-design > select 'Consultation or Advisory'

These categories are based on what we most commonly get asked about and are geared to supporting the kind of opportunities our community are looking for, even if they aren't specifically using the language that you are. This said, the categories are a work in progress so please let us know if you have suggestions.

Interest area:
Please select (up to) the top six areas that align with the opportunity you are posting. This doesn't necessarily mean sector. We support our community to find opportunities that help them tackle the issues they most want to take action on, so you can help them find your opportunity by starting here.

Tip: We are testing this feature based on input from our community and specific challenges they face in finding opportunities that are the right fit. At this stage, the categories are quite broad. For example, if you are working on gender equality, this might fall under 'Equality, Justice and Human Rights'. Please let us know if you have additional suggestions about this feature.

Key skills and training:
Please select (up to) six key skills or training areas that align with the opportunity you are posting. This section is supposed to complement your key criteria, not duplicate it and is a chance for you to encapsulate factors like 'creative problem solving' or 'facilitation and speaking'. 

Tip: We are testing this feature based on input from our community and specific challenges they face in finding opportunities that are the right fit. Some of these might not be familiar, or be different from those listed on traditional job boards, so if you would like help or have suggestions please feel free to reach out so we can help you find the right talent for your needs.

Opportunity Overview:
This is fairly self explanatory; our key tip here is to try and keep it to 250 - 300 words and don't edit formatting. E.g. remove bolded, italicised, headlines and don't include images or videos unless it's super relevant to this opportunity.

Salary, Grant or Award range:
Only add if relevant but we do strongly encourage you to add salary range to job opportunities. If you are adding an unpaid role, please be clear in the Opportunity Description how you will provide value to the individual that is successful for the position.

Selection Criteria:
Please avoid formatting; we recommend using simple dot pointed list

How to Apply
If you select 'Email', this means you will use the Ripple Opportunity Board platform to manage applications and you will be notified by email whenever you receive an application. If you choose 'URL' then this will redirect applicants to your own website or application portal.

Closing Date:
This is the closing, or expiration date that will be visible to people browsing opportunities on our site

Expiration Date:
This is the date that your opportunity listing can be automatically removed from public view our website.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us here.