Opportunity Guide

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We partner with values aligned organisations to create meaningful content, engagement and activation opportunities for our audience. Get in touch with us at hey@ripple.gl if you'd like to explore this with us.

Is your opportunity the right fit:

Please note that all opportunities are reviewed before going live and Ripple GL reserves the right to decline and remove listings at our discretion (you will be issued a refund if this occurs). This is to maintain a quality experience for all of our users. Not sure if your opportunity is the right fit? Check out our FAQ below or email us at hey@ripple.gl



Does your opportunity align with our mission?

Ripple's mission is to empower young people to harness their agency and solve Australia's future challenges. 

Yes, this is open to interpretation. Here's a bit more detail:


Our community:

Our community members are generally aged 17 - 28 and hail from every state and territory of Australia.

Our members are purpose driven and interested in creating positive impact through their careers, in their communities and civic participation across everything from climate change, mental health and gender equality through to foreign affairs, voting and cyber security. 

Some are just leaving school or starting Uni/TAFE and looking for opportunities to expand their horizons, meet new people and give back to their community. Others have studied and undertaken internships & volunteering, and are looking for places that align with their purpose and where they can apply their skills towards this.


What kind of opportunities resonate?

  • Early career skill and experience opportunities (internships, fellowships and jobs) working on issues like environmental sustainability, policy, international affairs, human rights etc. This can be across any sector from architecture, finance and tech through to advocacy and community development. 

  • Leadership and consultation including ambassador programs or specific policy research. 

  • Grants, events, scholarships and programs like social enterprise start-up accelerators, policy graduate programs or overseas experiences.


What opportunities are probably not the right fit?

  • Unpaid internships or volunteering that don't clearly articulate the training and value add for the young person.

  • Programs and jobs that align with a linear career path or aren't clearly purpose-driven. For example, a graduate program in consulting or finance might not be the right fit, but if it is in sustainability then it could be.

  • Events or training that are hyper localised or not offering clear skill development. For example, a youth week event at skate park. 

  • Opportunities for people under the age of 16 or senior professionals.


If in doubt:

Please email hey@ripple.gl with your questions.