Sep 16, 2020

Head Of Marketing (Ideas & Strategy Gun)

  • Zero Co Australia
  • Byron Bay NSW, Australia
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Opportunity overview

We're looking for a super-smart, super-creative, super-hungry, young Ideas & Strategy Gun to come and join us as our Head of Marketing.

Your job will be to develop and execute crazy-big, crazy-audacious, world-class brand and communications ideas and campaigns that will be amplified through owned, earned and paid media channels.

As Head of Marketing you'll need to be a big ideas person, first and foremost. But you'll also need to be super-strategic and inherently understand the concept of amplifying ideas through owned, earned and paid media. That means you'll know how to build strategic campaign and comms plans; thinking strategically about messaging hierarchy/phasing/priorisation, channel planning, sales funnel structure and conversion rates, audience targeting and budget allocation.

As the Ideas & Strategy Gun you'll be tasked with owning "ideas & strategy" and executing any "owned" channel executions in-house (email, socials, website), whilst working with external agencies and freelancers to manage "earned" channels (PR freelancer), "paid" channels (paid digital / growth marketing agency) and creative/design output via a creative agency.

To deliver our "owned" channel executions you'll need to be a rockstar at:

  • Shopify
  • Hubspot
  • Social media

We're building a relentlessly customer-focused company and you'll be tasked with owning the customer-experience and nurturing the customer journey from "stranger" to "superfan". To do this you'll need to be more than a little bit good at:

  • Copywriting
  • Email marketing / automation
  • Customer journey planning
  • Website optimisation / heat mapping

As Head of Marketing you'll be given ultimate responsibility for ensuring we meet (and exceed) our annual sales targets and you'll do this by managing two revenue streams - new customer acquisition and repeat orders/subscriptions. To do this you'll need to be proficient (but not an expert at):

  • Sales funnel planning
  • Facebook / Instagram Ads
  • Google Ads

The above paid advertising channels will be outsourced to an expert growth marketing agency but you will need to be proficient in these disciplines to effectively manage our agency partners.


Key Skills and Training

Active Learning and Growth Mindset,   Administration and Project Management,   Digital Marketing and Social Media Management,   Entrepreneurship and Startups,   Marketing and Promotion,   Strategy  

Selection Criteria

Skills and experience

To be qualified for this role you'll need to have:

  • 3yrs+ experience in senior marketing roles
  • Experience in DTC / eCommerce / Digital Marketing on either client or agency side
  • A proven track record of executing big ideas and integrated marketing campaign across owned, earned and paid media.

To succeed in this role you'll need to be a rockstar at:

  • Ideas & strategy
  • Campaign planning
  • Communications strategy


1) Do you have 3yrs+ experience in senior marketing roles in DTC / eCommerce / Digital Marketing?

2) Do you have a proven track record in executing integrated marketing campaigns across owned, earned and paid media channels?

3) Tell us the most interesting thing about you in 100 words.

4) Are you willing to move to Byron Bay?

Apply ASAP

Closing date

Sep 30, 2020