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Welcome to Ripple's Career Lab: Early Stage Career & Community Building Intensive


What you'll find on this page

  • The situation as we see it
  • About Tim and Skye (application pros/salad eaters)
  • They said it (not us)
  • What you can expect
  • How to apply. Sydney closing soon.
  • How to make an excellent salad (not really)


The situation as we see it

We believe that the future of business and community leadership looks different; one where 'purpose' isn't mentioned because it's ingrained. The opportunity for millennials and gen z to shape this future is unprecedented.


But, the pathways to employment in sectors that will tackle, service and support Australia's future challenges are unclear and non- linear; resulting in under-utilised resources, wasted opportunity, lower participation. COVID has amplified this.


That's why we're on a mission to support young people in Australia to tackle the worlds biggest challenges through their career + community leadership. 


Meet Ripple's co-founders: 

Skye and Tim met outside a Sumo Salad at Sydney airport on their way to rep Australia as inaugural Obama Foundation Leaders for Asia Pacific, now they run Ripple. But it wasn't always glorious salads and kombucha.

Both Tim and Skye have experienced first-hand (and honed, through A LOT of trial and error) what it's like to go from confused uni student that doesn't end up using their degree (Skye took ten years to do her BA!), to passionate volunteer and eventually, person that *appears* to have carved out a fairly wonderful social impact career (we believe this is quite the on-going project... but we digress)

Between them they have:

  • Worked with community volunteers through to CEO's and world leaders from across civil society, government and businesses including World Vision Australia, Airbnb, the United Nations and Taronga Zoo to help unlock impact across a plethora of issues.

  • Co-founded several social enterprises including a for-purpose creative studio, Agency - named New Agency of the Year 2015 and one of Westpac’s Businesses Of Tomorrow in 2017.

  • Have written, assessed, missed out on and secured dozens of applications to get to where they are now.

They said it, (not us).

We met Jahin early 2020:

"I had the privilege of being able to have a one on one mentoring session with the amazing Ripple crew on the topic of personal development and how I can better utilise the skills that I have garnered throughout the years and translate them towards a meaningful career.

Funnily enough, I took everything I learnt and actually applied for a position with the Department of Health that I was procrastinating on for quite a while and as fate would have it, I received an email a few days ago saying that I got it! I do owe Ripple a lot because I know it was through their motivation and insights was I reminded that you are capable of more than you give yourself credit for!" 

And more from other programs we've hosted:



What you can expect

Bring some spark to your career while injecting energy into your community.

This intensive virtual workshop program will help you shape your career purpose, give back to the local community and make your voice heard through civic participation.

If you’re trying to get your foot in the door or step up from your current role this is a great opportunity to get clear guidance and advice.

  • Session 1: Purpose
    How community building and your career can intersect

  • Session 2: Opportunities
    Are you making meaningful progress?
    How to optimise your results and find opportunities.

  • Session 3: Articulating your value
    How to make the most of experiences like volunteering, internships and training. Articulate the value of this experience in the future.

  • Session 4: Resumes, applications and profiles
    How to play, what to focus on and how to stand out

  • Bonus: It's a secret but it's awesome! (not a years supply of Sumo Salad, sorry).


How to apply

Career lab is for you if you're aged 18 - 26 and are committed to shaping the future by building a purpose-driven career and giving back to the local community.

Criteria: Criteria may differ slightly for each cohort - will be announced on individual community listings.

Fee: Want some spinkles on your cake? All places are either partially or fully sponsored thanks to our delivery partners. You may be required to make a small investment to secure your place.

Open now:


💥💥💥Apply now for our City of Sydney 2020 cohort. Login or create a profile to apply.💥💥

Everywhere else:

Expressions of interest are open for all other communities. We'll be launching cohorts based on demand so send this on to anyone you think would be keen.