A Passion for Fashion and the Power of Community

A Passion for Fashion and the Power of Community

Welcome! Thanks for joining us. We know first-hand that building your dream impact career isn’t straight forward. While you may have been told to climb some kind of career ladder, you’re probably feeling more like you’re navigating an open sea or following a zig zagging path. To help you find your sea legs, we’ve gone behind the scenes with some incredible career zig zaggers and ocean navigators to discover ‘How They Did It'.

These are the inside stories of how impact happens, from people you may not know but that are doing some pretty great stuff. They’re stories not just about what they did, but how they did it, so you can get some practical inspo to help build your own impact.

Very pleased to introduce you to Rebecca Boyle, founder and creative director of her OWN fashion label, Bec Boyle.


Before we start, what was your first ever job?

My first job was as a waitress in a neighbourhood café, in my hometown of Newcastle.  I’d just finished High School, it was the beginning of summer, and I was ready to get out in the world and start earning my first dollars. 

Can you describe what your roles as Creative Director and Founder, encompasses day-to-day?

As a founder of a new start-up, I can confidently say, no day is ever the same.  Each day is a lucky dip – and I have to be ready for whatever, and all, that is thrown at me!

I’m juggling lots of different roles at the moment, some come easy, some I’m still learning.  It’s crucially important that I keep myself up to date and oversee all aspects of the business and brand.  I like to be aware of our strengths and consciously building on improving our weaknesses. 

My favourite days are those spent designing new collections.  My least desired days are those spent doing business admin.  My hours are all over the place, but I always make sure I have time for a morning workout and unwind each evening in a novel.

What drives and motivates you?

Learning new things and solving problems.  No matter the scale, I thrive on projects that can, and will, help make a positive difference and lasting impact.

What did you study, and when you set out to do this, what did you imagine your career would look like? Did you ever imagine it would be this?

I obtain both a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Fashion from The Whitehouse Institute of Design, Sydney Australia.

From a young age, I definitely had a ‘passion’ for fashion, but in all honestly, I never saw myself taking it up as a career.  I thought I would have been a writer or presenter – and was preparing to study for a Media and Communications degree.

My mother was actually the one that sent in the application for Whitehouse.  I travelled to Sydney for the interview and was accepted on the spot.  I did defer my other university acceptances ‘just in case’ fashion didn’t work out!

Fast forward… turns out, I didn’t need to take the universities up on their offers; and thankfully, I haven’t had to look back.


We love a zig zagger! Tell us about an experience or job you have had that has taught you skills you use in your job today.

Every job position I’ve undertaken thus far have all equality contributed to who I am and how I operate today.  

Through each experience, I’ve learnt the importance of being an effective communicator; seeking advice and delegating roles when it's needed.  I’ve learnt that it's okay to have a vision for the future, and most importantly, how and when to voice it.  I make sure I’m persistent in pursuing my goals and remain open-minded and flexible in how I can achieve them.  Learning resilience, agility, pivoting, managing change, and learning how to balance stability and growth are crucial skills I use regularly.  

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How has community played a role in you being able to take action on the big issues or challenges that you’re passionate about?

The role of community and the power of taking action; especially to give back is something I’m hugely passionate about. From a young age, I’ve been aware as to what’s unfolding in the world around us and what’s been happening within our local communities.  

Bill Gates famously says: ‘To whom much is give, much is expected.’  If we have the skills, the resources and knowledge, it's vitally important that when given an opportunity to help those in need, we do.

Rallying together, building teams, lending a helping hand through volunteering time, resources and skills is undoubtedly, the best way to get involved within a community.

Helping within the community has helped me create a sense of social responsibility, provided an opportunity to apply skills to real-life events, build relationships and exposure to diversity and multiculturalism.  It has also forged paths and lead me to find further causes and passions I care about.

Recently, the BB brand partnered with The Jessica Collins Necessitous Fund ‘Sunflowers for Jess’ and collaborated in designing face masks for their latest fundraising initiative.  This was an exciting venture; and as the business and network grows, I look forward to more community and charitable collaborations; helping bring people together and aid in making a difference.

Looking back, what has had the greatest impact in helping you build your professional networks? 

My education, has undoubtedly, had the biggest impact on helping me learn to build and create networks, whilst also breaking down those barriers to opportunity. 

Where do you turn to for inspiration and motivation?

As cliché as it sounds, I find inspiration anywhere, and everywhere.  I think its crucially important to stay up to date with what’s current, expose myself to the past and prepare for the future.

Previously, in the time before Covid-19; I’d be gallivanting across the globe, visiting museums & art galleries, walking through cities, eating local cuisine, listening to different genres of music, experiencing different cultures, soaking up the memories and snapping photographs.

Fast forward to today, 2020 had alternate plans for us all.  Self-motivation is hard, but self-motivation in a time of a world in upheaval is tough.  I really had to rally, push through and learn to adapt to a new normal.


Using the time of lockdown effectively and efficiently, I discovered podcasts, caught up on my reading, spent more time exploring my neighbourhood, cooking new recipes, spending time in the garden and most importantly, engaging in new ways of social connection. 

Through hope, positivity, optimism and community I’ve been able to find inspiration and gain motivation working towards bringing communities back together to rise and rebuild.  

Seth Godin says; ‘If you want to create impact and make change, you need to begin by making culture.  To begin to make culture, you need to get people in sync.’  And he is absolutely right.

And finally, if people want to follow you and your work, where can they find you? 

If you have a question, query, proposition, or just want to say hello, feel free to connect via LinkedInInstagram or our website. You can also reach me via